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HeroRaise is the ONLY crowdfunding service designed for, and dedicated to serving our nation's heroes...Active Service Members, Military Veterans, First Responders, and Medical Professionals.


Before funds are released to a Hero or their family we conduct a thorough verification of the financial recipient, ensuring identity legitimacy.

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Fully Alive Coaching
Fully Alive Coaching

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Veteran Businesses Relief

Disgruntled Vets

With many Brick and Mortar Veteran Owned Businesses shut down or greatly impacted by COVID-19, Disgruntled wants to help. We are creating a fund to help Veteran Businesses. We will be creating an application to give...



Frontlines of Freedom Feeds Army Special Operations 1/75

Denny Gillem, LTC, US Army (Ret.)

1/75 has a max of 350 Rangers in quarantine eating 3 times each day totaling 1,050 meals daily. The Frontlines of Freedom would like to serve the Rangers of 1/75...



Final Trip Home


October 2016, is when the battle started. This was when I received the worse news I believed anyone could get. While serving in the Army, stationed at Fort Sam Houston Texas, I was diagnosed with cancer, osteo sarcoma, bone cancer...



Donor Protection

HeroRaise can send funds directly to providers.

ID Verification

HeroRaise requires picture ID's

(State ID, Work ID or Separation Papers).

Low Platform Fees

Our goal is to keep fees low, to ensure our heroes get the help they deserve.

Employment Verification

 Name and Phone Number

of Current or Previous Employer

Easy Setup

You can personalize and share your HeroRaise in minutes

Veteran Verification

Only Require State ID with Last DD214

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