How To Withdraw Funds From Your Account

Step 1.

Make sure you are registered or logged in. 

Step 2.

Find your fundraiser dashboard. Hover over the Fundraisers button in the main menu and a drop-down item titled “My fundraiser Dashboard” will appear for you to click on, or use the link below. 

Step 3.

On your dashboard menu, hover over the menu item “Campaigns” to find the dropdown menu below and select “Payments”, or use the link below.

Step 4.

Under the “Payments” tab you will find a list of your campaigns with buttons on the right-hand side. Click on “View details” to open the payment details.

Step 5.

Under the “View details” tab, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of your fundraising to date. If you have enough funds to request a withdraw, a button will appear in the bottom left corner labeled “Withdraw”. Click the “Withdraw” button to request funds.

If you do not have the minimum funds to withdraw, you will not see a “Withdraw” button.

Step 6.

After you click “Withdraw” a modal window will open. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and any questions or comments you would like to send. Click the “Withdraw” button to send your request.

Requests are approved manually, so please give us time to process your request.