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Gilsum, New Hampshire

Gabby Sue Needs a Home!

I am asking my fellow DV's, fans and supporters to help me raise the funds needed to cover adoption fee's, and other expenses associated with getting a Rescue Bird that needs a good home.
(back story)
Huey, my Sun Conure of 6 years was injured a month ago and had to be put down. It was devastating not just to me but my family and all of her fans and friends who followed her on social media.

While out in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the annual Disgruntled Vet Fest fundraiser for DV Farm and homeless veterans i was still struggling with the loss of Huey when i discovered this organization that rescues unwanted and abused parrots.I walked into Pikes peak parrot rescue and was blown away at the level and care given to poor animals. I had no intention of adopting any bird because i was well aware of their very strict but much needed adoption guidelines. I was only there because i needed some kind of healing. After a few days of handling and playing with all the birds one kept gravitating towards me and that was Gabby Sue. She is a 24 year old Amazon Macaw that has had a rough life.
I have spent everyday here from opening to closing with her. I have been told that she is a tough cookie and that very few people if any get that close to her.
I did several videos of Gabby Sue while at Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue half jokingly asking for help from you all to convince them to waive some of their rules so i could adopt Gabby Sue and boy did you guys come through!!!
From e-mails to phone calls to also "snail mail"with affidavits of my character and past experience with parrots.
Well it worked!
I just received word that their Board members and staff had a meeting and based on the following,
1.The DV Followers and fans e-mails and phone calls
2. Their observation of my interaction with Gabby Sue and all the other parrots over the past two weeks demonstrated my knowledge and understanding and love of parrots.
3. Seeing years worth of videos of not just Huey but all of our DV animals and the love and care that they get.
4. Knowing that if i adopt Gabby Sue the will always be able to see her in all my video's via DV Farm, Dysfunctional Veterans, my DV6 page etc.
5. And most importantly, the fact that Gabby Sue likes me!

So if you can please help me.
I have used up all my savings and other personal funds on DV Farm and this road trip for the homeless veterans this summer. I do not get paid by DV farm or receive any compensation.
Yes eventual i will get reimbursed for some of my expenses but not in time to get Gabby Sue.

I promise that all monies will be used for her and any unused funds will definitely go to the DV farm and homeless veterans.

Michael Rivers
DV Farm
Gilsum, NH


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Lenoir, NC

Save Home

I’m a single father of two sons, due to COVID and schools closing I had to leave my job to take care of my children. None of the daycares in the area were accepting new kids and having no family around I had no one to watch them! Now I’m behind almost $4000 on bills and I’m about to loose our home, vehicles and everything due to not being able to work! Anything anyone can give would be greatly appreciated and as soon as I’m back on my feet I will be donating to other veterans in need as I always have thank you!


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Clarksville, Tennessee

DV Farm

The DV Farm is a long term rehabilitation program to help homeless veterans get back on their feet. The farm is not founded by the government and only receives money from private donations. Food for the veterans, food for the farm animals, and equipment maintenance are just some of things the money will go towards on the DV Farm.


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Charlotte, NC

We’ve Got You - 360

Our program connects Veterans with Coaches and consultants who assist with goal setting and achievement!


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Bozeman, MT

Hero Care. Providing Free initial consultations.

As a service to our amazing First Responders and Veterans, this nest egg will allow me to provide free initial sessions to our Heroes! If you have a specific Hero you would like to donate towards, please email that request to me. It is my honor to serve. Together, we create change, one life at a time!


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Infantry Vet

Swift disruption of income due to current events.


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1 VetCatch Trip

We are trying to raise enough money for 1 fishing trip with VetCatch so a Vet can escape the CoronaVirus and relax.

VetCatch is a Florida born organization dedicated to using fishing and boating to focus on physical and mental healing for our disabled veterans. We are committed to restoring a sense of self through positive connections, outdoor adventure, and relieving stress on the open water.


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Sugar Land, Texas

Crushed Deck/Wheelchair Ramp

Dillon was a gunner in the Army and was shot though the neck by a sniper while serving our country in Iraq. He was instantly paralyzed from the chest down.

A storm blew through causing a huge tree to fall and crush his wood deck, wheelchair ramp, and a section of driveway. The damage is extensive.

Thank you


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Colorado Springs, CO

Disgruntled Vet Fest 2020

Disgruntled Vet Fest 2020 is happening on July 25th, 2020 in Colorado Springs, CO. The event is a celebration of everything veteran - to the vendors to the alcohol we serve. The main goal of the event is to raise money for two non profit organizations, 22 Until None and The DV Farm, which combat veteran homelessness and suicide. If you are unable to attend, please consider donating here. We would like to reach $10,000 and split the donations between both organizations!


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Grand Rapids, MI

Frontlines of Freedom Feeds Army Special Operations 1/75

This is a call to action for our Frontlines of Freedom listeners from your host Denny Gillem, LTC. The Rangers of 1/75 have been forced into substandard living conditions due to the COVID-19 quarantine (which they are fine with), however they are also being served leftover chow from other units on Ft. Stewart which is unacceptable.

1/75 has a max of 350 Rangers in quarantine eating 3 times each day totaling 1,050 meals daily. The Frontlines of Freedom would like to serve the Rangers of 1/75 with one weeks worth of meals...totaling 7,350 meals. Let's average $15 per meal, which comes to $110,250 needed.

Let's come together and make this happen! I believe in the Rangers and I believe in HeroRaise...Hooah


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Cycling Team Growth

Zero Day has many teams of Veterans with different pursuits, missions, and needs. Throughout the past decade, we have provided dozens of Veterans with bicycles for a variety of reasons ranging from work transportation to family engagement. In 2020 we launched a riding team that is growing rapidly. Some are training for our adventure rides in the Rockies, while others are benefitting from the PT camaraderie, and yet more are riding with their families. Regardless, we have Veterans that need to be matched with safe and suitable PPE and bikes, and we are seeking assistance with this mission. We have a need for entry level mountain bikes and are also seeking funds to upgrade bikes for Veterans to match their abilities and disabilities.


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Cape Coral, FL

Kidney Transplant for Laura (King) Bradwell

My name is David H King and I am a 21 year Army veteran and I served in Vietnam '69'70. I suffer from complications due to Agent Orange.

In hopes of raising funds to help my daughter meet her medical bills and prescription drugs that she needs to live such as the anti-rejection and immune meds, I am asking for your help so she may have a normal life and not worry about the bills. My wife, Paula, and I do the best we can to support her through these tough times, but as a 100% disabled vet, I am only able to help somewhat with monetary assistance whenever possible, but not longer physically able to help her with the upkeep of her home that I had promised her to do.

I hope you can find it in your heart to donate any amount. Please consider she is still a young woman, only 43. She was married last year on Halloween and her husband, Lee, does take care of her as much as he can.
The photo is that of Laura, my daughter, after her kidney transplant. Also a photo of me from 2004, before I had cancer in my lungs, which metastesized to the brain, diabetes, copd, 5 heart attacks, 7 stents, pacemaker/defib, blood clots, heart disease, etc. Photos now I don't like because of being on immunotherapy.

All of these things that I have mentioned about Laura and me can be proven.
Laura was employed as a 911 dispatcher for the Fort Myers PD for almost 10 years.
Laura had her transplant last year on 17 February 2019. She has recovered very well. The bills are insurmountable and it seems like there is no end in sight. She is also legally blind which deters her from getting hired for work. Her health insurance is very expensive as are her medications.

Again thank you for reading this.

David King


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With many Brick and Mortar Veteran Owned Businesses shut down or greatly impacted by COVID-19, Disgruntled wants to help.

We are creating a fund to help Veteran Businesses. We will be creating an application to give what we can to help these businesses. Every dollar helps.


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Honor Officer Jones

Disgruntled Vets would like to honor Richard Jones, a Police Officer who saved a Suicidal Veteran. Not just any Vet but a DV. In early 2018, in Pueblo, CO, officer Jones arrived on scene to a report of a man with a gun. Jones immediately identified the man as a veteran, and a fellow fan of DV. In a situation where deadly force was not only authorized, but appropriate, officer Jones used this common ground to establish rapport with the man, and spent several minutes talking the man down. Officer Jones embodies the qualities of a veteran, and saved our brother's life.

We would like to present him with:
-New police gear
-A custom flag from U.S. Veterans Woodwork
-And if we raise enough money donate the rest to 22 Until None


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Mobile Mechanic Needs

I am a mobile mechanic and I make sure people within my area get quality work for affordable prices. My work truck went out. And I have had to turn down a lot of jobs lately because of the fact I no longer have a truck. I found one that would suit my needs but I lack the funding for it at this time as everything i have has been going to bills.


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New York, New York

Help prevent my Veteran Owned Business closure!

My name is Jose Miranda Ramos; I am a veteran, the owner, and CEO of Forex Mandamus Services Inc (FXMS). FXMS is a veteran-owned business located in New York City, and my business has been severely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

On March 30, 2020, I asked my employee for help via the phone to fill out the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) application because I tested positive for COVID-19, and at that time, I had severe symptoms. Two other employees also tested positive for COVID-19, and One employee passed away, and another of their family members even died because they got exposed to my employee. The EIDL application is still pending, and SBA hasn't taken a decision yet.

If I don't manage to get help by the end of July for my business, I will have to layoff my 20 employees who are mostly single mothers. In my company, we provide financial education and analytics.

Your help will be much appreciated and will help me keep my employee working. I love my employees, and they do such a great job that I don't want to have them layoff.

Again thank you for your help.


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Upstate NY

Disabled veteran needs help make repairs and improvements to home

I am a disabled veteran who needs to have work done on my home. I am 100% S/C and take care of my elderly mother, so money is really tight. I need to have work done on my porches, electrical, roofing and several other projects.


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San Antonio, TX

Final Trip Home

October 2016, is when the battle started.

This was when I received the worse news I believed anyone could get. While serving in the Army, stationed at Fort Sam Houston Texas, I was diagnosed with cancer, osteo sarcoma, bone cancer.

After 18 months of chemotherapy and 2 successful bouts over the course of 3 years, and losing my right leg to this cancer, I was informed by my oncologist that I only have a few months left. The osteo sarcoma has spread again and is now in my heart. There really is nothing more that the oncology team can do.

My wish is to return home to Upstate New York to see family and friends and spend the time I have left with them.

I'm asking for your help because the financial stress of the pandemic has made the idea of going home nearly impossible.

From my mother:
My son would like the opportunity to go on this cross county final adventure by vehicle so that he can stop and see national parks and land marks during the trip. Michael has always wanted to travel the US to some extent and see the sights. This is truly his last chance.

I simply, as Mom, want to see his final wishes granted.


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St. Johns, AZ

Rebuilding Little Heathens Ranch

In 2013 we bought a 40 acre ranch in Arizona in Hope's of reaching self sustainability and some much needed relief from our PTSD and Anxiety of living in the city. We achieved that and then focused ourselves to helping the veteran community in Arizona by providing meal kits with our excess foods we produced on the ranch for in need veterans and their families.

In 2017 we were called back to help a family member in Texas who needed our assistance with building a stable house (my mother). When we went back to check our ranch a year later we found total devastation... our cabin, RV, farm truck, and solar system had been stolen and our property was left in a mess. We are left finding ourselves nearly homeless with nothing on our property. We have a place to stay temporarily with my mother until we can find a way to rebuild but living on VA disability makes that task daunting.

We are asking for any donations so that we can start to rebuild what was lost, the damages range in the $25,000 area and as we live off-grid there was no insurance and without any idea who did this we have no legal recourse to follow.

Any donations would go to rebuilding a livable structure so we can get back to helping other vets like we were. Any donations are greatly appreciated.


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Fishing Charter

Reel Warriors Foundation takes combat and disabled Veteran's out on a day and a half deep sea fishing charter where everything but the travel to the port. They are also working on sponsors to give the veterans fishing rods and reels and gear to bring home. They provide Everything you need for the day and a half trip.


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