Final Trip Home

Michael Cross

San Antonio, TX


3.5 years





October 2016, is when the battle started.

This was when I received the worse news I believed anyone could get. While serving in the Army, stationed at Fort Sam Houston Texas, I was diagnosed with cancer, osteo sarcoma, bone cancer.

After 18 months of chemotherapy and 2 successful bouts over the course of 3 years, and losing my right leg to this cancer, I was informed by my oncologist that I only have a few months left. The osteo sarcoma has spread again and is now in my heart. There really is nothing more that the oncology team can do.

My wish is to return home to Upstate New York to see family and friends and spend the time I have left with them.

I'm asking for your help because the financial stress of the pandemic has made the idea of going home nearly impossible.

My son would like the opportunity to go on this cross county final adventure by vehicle so that he can stop and see national parks and land marks during the trip. Michael has always wanted to travel the US to some extent and see the sights. This is truly his last chance.

I simply, as Mom, want to see his final wishes granted.