Frontlines of Freedom Feeds Army Special Operations 1/75

Denny Gillem, LTC, US Army (Ret.)

Grand Rapids, MI


1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment





This is a call to action for our Frontlines of Freedom listeners from your host Denny Gillem, LTC. The Rangers of 1/75 have been forced into substandard living conditions due to the COVID-19 quarantine (which they are fine with), however they are also being served leftover chow from other units on Ft. Stewart which is unacceptable.

1/75 has a max of 350 Rangers in quarantine eating 3 times each day totaling 1,050 meals daily. The Frontlines of Freedom would like to serve the Rangers of 1/75 with one weeks worth of meals...totaling 7,350 meals. Let's average $15 per meal, which comes to $110,250 needed.

Let's come together and make this happen! I believe in the Rangers and I believe in HeroRaise...Hooah