Gabby Sue Needs a Home!

Michael Rivers

Gilsum, New Hampshire


Michael Rivers





I am asking my fellow DV's, fans and supporters to help me raise the funds needed to cover adoption fee's, and other expenses associated with getting a Rescue Bird that needs a good home.
(back story)
Huey, my Sun Conure of 6 years was injured a month ago and had to be put down. It was devastating not just to me but my family and all of her fans and friends who followed her on social media.

While out in Colorado Springs, Colorado for the annual Disgruntled Vet Fest fundraiser for DV Farm and homeless veterans i was still struggling with the loss of Huey when i discovered this organization that rescues unwanted and abused parrots.I walked into Pikes peak parrot rescue and was blown away at the level and care given to poor animals. I had no intention of adopting any bird because i was well aware of their very strict but much needed adoption guidelines. I was only there because i needed some kind of healing. After a few days of handling and playing with all the birds one kept gravitating towards me and that was Gabby Sue. She is a 24 year old Amazon Macaw that has had a rough life.
I have spent everyday here from opening to closing with her. I have been told that she is a tough cookie and that very few people if any get that close to her.
I did several videos of Gabby Sue while at Pikes Peak Parrot Rescue half jokingly asking for help from you all to convince them to waive some of their rules so i could adopt Gabby Sue and boy did you guys come through!!!
From e-mails to phone calls to also "snail mail"with affidavits of my character and past experience with parrots.
Well it worked!
I just received word that their Board members and staff had a meeting and based on the following,
1.The DV Followers and fans e-mails and phone calls
2. Their observation of my interaction with Gabby Sue and all the other parrots over the past two weeks demonstrated my knowledge and understanding and love of parrots.
3. Seeing years worth of videos of not just Huey but all of our DV animals and the love and care that they get.
4. Knowing that if i adopt Gabby Sue the will always be able to see her in all my video's via DV Farm, Dysfunctional Veterans, my DV6 page etc.
5. And most importantly, the fact that Gabby Sue likes me!

So if you can please help me.
I have used up all my savings and other personal funds on DV Farm and this road trip for the homeless veterans this summer. I do not get paid by DV farm or receive any compensation.
Yes eventual i will get reimbursed for some of my expenses but not in time to get Gabby Sue.

I promise that all monies will be used for her and any unused funds will definitely go to the DV farm and homeless veterans.

Michael Rivers
DV Farm
Gilsum, NH