Loss of job and Covid impact

James Osbourn

Crab Orchard, KY


US Army



Retired Army National Guard and retired Federal employee (2012). Relocated to Kentucky November 2019, Getting a fresh start in life. Found what I thought was a great job until a former employee decided to return leaving me out. Ive been fighting the unemployment system here but its so very far behind. Lost my job July 3rd 2020 and haven't received a single penny as of yet. I have been on at least 15 or more interviews with limited success. I have been offered a position with Amentum at Blue grass Army depot. On boarding time is a long process, I wont be able to start for another 3 to 4 weeks at earliest. Even after I begin my first pay will be another month. I am already over 3000 behind in bills, my credit has taken a large hit as well. Ive attempted loans, been turned down for all of them and any assistance I have tried. Housing in jeopardy, power and utilities are nearing shut off. Car and Motorcycle loans are behind, Cant pay my insurance for either. At this point I wont be able to get to work when I can start. If the unemployment would kick in Everything would be ok but now Im so far behind Im lost. I despise asking for help but at this point I just dont know what else to do. Thank you all for taking the time to consider this campaign.