Rebuilding Little Heathens Ranch

Heather Smith

St. Johns, AZ


Little Heathens Ranch





In 2013 we bought a 40 acre ranch in Arizona in Hope's of reaching self sustainability and some much needed relief from our PTSD and Anxiety of living in the city. We achieved that and then focused ourselves to helping the veteran community in Arizona by providing meal kits with our excess foods we produced on the ranch for in need veterans and their families.

In 2017 we were called back to help a family member in Texas who needed our assistance with building a stable house (my mother). When we went back to check our ranch a year later we found total devastation... our cabin, RV, farm truck, and solar system had been stolen and our property was left in a mess. We are left finding ourselves nearly homeless with nothing on our property. We have a place to stay temporarily with my mother until we can find a way to rebuild but living on VA disability makes that task daunting.

We are asking for any donations so that we can start to rebuild what was lost, the damages range in the $25,000 area and as we live off-grid there was no insurance and without any idea who did this we have no legal recourse to follow.

Any donations would go to rebuilding a livable structure so we can get back to helping other vets like we were. Any donations are greatly appreciated.