K9 Blue

Age: 5
Norcross, Georgia
Funeral Home Website:

K9 Blue was shot and killed behind 1990 Willow Trail Parkway, in Norcross, while tracking a suspect who had fled from a stolen vehicle at about 2:30 pm.

Gang Unit detectives were at the location when they discovered two suspects sitting inside of a stolen vehicle. When officers attempted to contact the subjects, both fled on foot in different directions. Officers assigned to the SWAT Unit arrived on the scene and K9 Blue began to track one of the suspects into the woods behind the location. K9 Blue located the suspect, and as officers issued commands, the man opened fire.

K9 Blue was fatally wounded. Officers returned fire and killed the subject.

K9 Blue had served with the Gwinnett Police Department for over one year and was the agency’s first canine that was assigned full-time to the SWAT Unit.

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  1. This is heart-breaking to hear. Thank you to those who chose to stand in the face of evil and deliver justice, thank you Blue for leading them there

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