Our Story

I will never forget. What I experienced that day forever changed me as a person and molded me into the man I am today. It’s easy to remember how you felt that September morning when you heard America was under attack, but all too often we overlook the unbelievable heroism shown by our heroic first responders. I had the privilege of working side by side with these brave men and women as they risked, and in many cases gave their lives serving complete strangers. What I saw that day gave me an eternal appreciation and respect for ALL who choose to wear the uniform. That day our first responders and service members did what they always do...they did their job with the upmost professionalism and excellence. For that reason alone, we as a county should be eternally grateful. I know I am, which is why I created HeroRaise.

September 11, 2001 would prove to be a day of sorrow and resilience for us, the American people. That day hundreds of thousands of first responders across the country were placed on high alert as each one of these Heroes stood guard of their own communities. America’s entire military postured to defend our homeland. Thousands of first responders and civilians lost their lives that day, as the world watched in horror...and for one U.S. Army Private First Class, a seed was planted that would take the next 16 years to blossom.

Members of Cco. 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment.

Today our police are being scrutinized over every decision they make. EMT professionals are grossly under appreciated. Firefighters have been forced into full time medic positions instead of allowing them to focus on their first passion, fighting fires. Service members are finding it more and more difficult to retain family and civilian relationships due to repeated deployments. Our veterans are forced into a failing and faulty Veterans Affairs Administration, while ALL of these HEROES are severely underpaid.

HeroRaise allows America to directly support our Heroes. The concept is simple and brilliant: our heroes build a profile, list their needs for services, then select providers in locations near them. Providers from many different professions build their profiles and describe the services they offer. Family members, friends, and community members can donate to heroes of their choosing. When donations rise to meet the cost of services, these heroes are able to schedule without copays, out-of-pocket expenses, or worrying about writing checks; funds are sent directly to the providers—no waiting for months to be paid. HeroRaise is an idea that solves several problems all at once.

HeroRaise is America’s first and only fundraising platform allowing our heroes to avoid long waits, long lines, and denial of benefits. HeroRaise eliminates expensive clearing houses and sidesteps dysfunctional bureaucratic systems; it’s like placing donations directly in the hero’s pocket, only better because funds go directly to the providers.

Sept. 11 changed us. It changed us as a country. It changed the families of fallen heroes forever. These changes have helped us see how our system of caring for these brave men and women needs some work. HeroRaise is an idea whose time has come, a platform that is surprisingly simple ,and a program that allows Americans all around the country to show their generosity and appreciation for our American heroes.