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I need home repairs to adjust to my changing physical and mental disabilities

Disabled Veteran need home repairs

by John Christman

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John Christman

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My name is John, I served from 1994-1997 when back issues forced me out. I am 100% service connected for mental ( PTSD, Major depression, anxiety) and physical ( back, knees and ankles).  I suffered a bout of bells palsy in 2015. I bought my house and moved my mom in as well to help me out. I have been in therapy for my mental issues since 1997.  I had back surgery in 1999. I started having balance issues in 2014 and the DR’s are still trying to determine why.  It is to the point now where just standing up, I lose my balance.  There appears no certain triggers for the falling and something as simple as turning to a side will cause me to lose my balance.  Because of these issues, I now have to make repairs that I would not have to otherwise.   I just had to replace the roof and furnace but still need to fix the porch, both sets of stairs and electrical work.   I need to improve the quality of the porch to be able to enjoy it without the fear of falling as well as raise the handrails on the steps. these improvements will not only ease the burden on my physical issues but my mental state as well. I have crippling depression and anxiety that triggers my PTSD. getting these issues resolved would alleviate a majority of my anxiety which would create a domino affect and lead to a better life


  1. Jesse Johnson-Brower

    John, I trust that you will find the help and support you need.

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