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Jane Asher

Jane Asher, is mother to 5 phenomenal children. Inspired by the human spirit and capability, she has dedicated her life not only to her family, but also to individuals and families across the Globe through the channels of Social Service, Education, Research, Counseling, and Coaching. Her extensive educational background created a solid foundation from which she began to guide and empower others; promote respect and embrace diversity. Her dynamic collaboration of professions in-balance is paramount in understanding each individual’s unique healing journey.

Jane Asher adheres to values far beyond the standard practices, principles and ethics within her industries. She is a natural leader with unwavering commitment to continue to serve individuals and families throughout the globe.

Understanding the challenges of those who serve, helping you to overcome pain given a thorough knowledge and understanding of the “Road you have traveled”.

I look forward to walking along side you in your Journey.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, choice does.

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Coaching and Consulting