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Krista Morrissey

Krista is a professional certified life and leader coach who believes in an inside-out journey of discovery thy self, know thy self, grow thy self, lead thy self. What shows on the outside is a result of what is on the inside. Get the inside right – get the outside right. Get both right and we grow and enhance the leader within.

Krista asks questions from the outside so you can answer them from the inside. You have the answers, sometimes they get fogged or buried in life. With a direct, caring approach, she partners with you to tap into the inner you, to identify your passions, strengths and vision, and identify what it takes to get to where you desire to be. She wants you to be the best version of you and bring your ‘gifts’ to the world. We need all of you! No matter if it is personal or professional, Krista helps ignite the leader within.

In addition to coaching, Krista is an organization development specialist and lively master facilitator with international experience in an array of industries. Her ability to dive into challenge and change with keen focus and humor makes you feel safe in the pursuing changes. Every organizational challenge falls into people, process or tools. Get the people together, being heard, cohesive and collaborating, and they will tell you where the pain points are. Together we work to reduce or eliminate the pain points in your business and facilitate the transition to the new. Thus, improving or creating the culture, production and service that positively impacts your bottom line.


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