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Continuum Healing

Micah McLaughlin

Micah McLaughlin, owner at Continuum Healing utilizes holistic dialogue, breathwork, and somatic therapies to assist clients in finding their way back to embodiment and presence. By working to integrate past traumas and patterned behaviors he supports clients as they learn to FEEL their bodies again, making it possible to create a life filled with safety, meaning and purpose. Continuum Healing has been in business for over 12 years and is aimed to empower others to find a path there out of suffering and toward meaning. By joining HeroRaise, Micah offers answers to the suffering that many veterans and first responders have experienced that are simply not available in the mainstream medical world. While emotional and psychological connections to trauma are common, simple practices exist offering great relief for those who have struggled with nervous system regulation after traumatic events.


Holistic Dialogue

Somatic Therapies