Chiropractic Care

1421 60th St. SE Kentwood, MI 49508


La Vie Chiropractic

Dr. Safina Ngandu

Dr. Safina Ngandu, owner of La Vie Chiropractic offers services including: chiropractic care, instrument assisted soft tissue/graston, cupping, rocktape (kinesiology tape), and glidding. Dr. Ngandu has served for over 6 years as a chiropractor and 3 years in private practice. Her goal is to provide excellent chiropractic care, education, support, nurture and facilitate growth, learning and health for her patients. By joining HeroRaise, she wants to contribute to helping facilitate the function of the nervous system and allow each individual to function at 100%.


Chiropractic Care

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue/Graston